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Free Dog Training Tips

Dog Barking Barking
Does your dog bark like a maniac when people walk by your yard or when guests knock on your door? Learn why dogs bark and how to teach them to be quiet.

Dog Digging Digging
Do you have more dirt on your sidewalk than in your yard? Dogs have a natural instinct to dig but they can be trained to stop digging.

Dog Aggression Being Aggressive
Are you worried about your dog's behavior towards people or other dogs? Learn why dogs behave aggressively, what to watch for and how training can help.

Pulling on Leash Pulling the Leash
Is your dog taking YOU for a walk? One of the most common problems can be the easiest to fix. Discover different options you have to keep your dog from pulling.

Puppy Biting Biting and Teething
Does your new bundle of joy bite like a monster? Puppies can learn to play without biting. Learn how to teach them proper manners, even when they are teething.

Dog Chewing Chewing
Do you wake up or come home to a mess every day? Find out what you can do immediately to help your dog stop chewing.

Potty Training Peeing in the House
Is your dog having a hard time learning to potty outside? Learn housetraining tricks of the trade to stop your dog from peeing in the house.

Dog Jumping Jumping on People
Does your dog perform acrobatics on your guests as they enter your house? Learn how to keep your dog from jumping on people.

Puppy Whining Whining
Does your dog sing a little tune called, "Pay attention to meeee" when you have your back turned? Find out why dogs whine and how training can help keep the peace.

Dog Licking Licking
Does your dog lick excessively? Dogs will lick people for many reasons and some will surprise you! Learn the reasons behind the behavior and tips to stop licking.
Dog Behavior Problems
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Free Online Dog Training Classes

Dog Academy provides FREE dog training software for dog owners so you can quickly and effectively train your dog to stop bad behavior, obey commands and perform entertaining tricks.

Learn. Teach. Succeed.
The daily training tasks are presented in uncomplicated, achievable portions, regardless of whether the goal is to teach him how to sit or show him how to play soccer!

Help your dog reach his or her full academic and athletic potential by enrolling in Dog Academy. Not only will you learn to teach a variety of obedience training commands, tricks and games but by doing so in the proper and positive manner taught at Dog Academy, you will build an unbreakable bond with your dog.

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