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Dog Academy's HomeSchool Dog Training System™

Online Dog Training Programs

Create a Custom Program
Dog Academy is the only solution with personalized dog training programs. Simply tell us about your dog through our online questionnaire and our web-based software creates a custom program with all the classes you need to stop bad behavior and build a healthy relationship with your dog that will last a lifetime.

Learn to Train
You will learn the proper techniques for leadership, obedience training, behavior modification, exercise, socialization and affection.

Success is Guaranteed
In short, we provide you with everything you need to know to have the perfect dog. And we back it with a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee.


Our programs teach the Six Fundamentals for the Perfect Dog™

For only $49.95, our Online Dog Training Programs Include:
  • Checklist to Puppy Proof your house and yard
  • List of recommended words to use for obedience commands
  • Checklist of variable house rules (sleep on couch, bark at guests, etc.)
  • Checklist of dog supplies needed for care and training
  • Responsibilities Chart
  • 1 class, 5 PDF workbooks
  • Checklist of universal rules ("No Free Lunch", walk in door first, etc.)
  • Defining a "Good Pack Leader" including vocal tones, body language
  • How-To's for building trust and respect
  • 1 class, 2 PDF workbooks
  • Suggested training schedule by breed and age
  • Defining how dogs think so you can better communicate
  • Defining how dogs learn so you can replace bad behavior with good
  • 15+ classes (depends on your custom program)
  • Track exercise and activities
  • List of recommended games to play by breed group (twice as effective)
  • List of activities that can be done sitting on the couch (for lazy days!)
  • 1 class, 2 PDF workbooks
  • Defining Socialization and How-To's for doing it right
  • Step-by-Step instructions to overcome anxiety, fear and aggression
  • Comparison Chart with pros and cons of popular socialization options
  • 5+ classes (depends on your custom program), 2 PDF workbooks
  • Learn when and how to give affection for a happy, well-behaved dog
  • Do's and Don'ts for giving attention and affection
  • 1 class, 1 PDF workbook
Each class includes an overview with illustrative photos and video demonstrations. Homework assignments offer step-by-step instructions. Short exams test your new knowledge and the report card allows you to take notes and track progress. You are never alone - get unlimited email support from professional dog trainers.
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