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Obedience Training
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Why Choose Obedience Training For My Dog Or Puppy?

Obedience training will help build a strong relationship between you and your dog or puppy.

How to begin your dog's obedience training?
When you envision life with your new dog or puppy, you dream of a perfectly well behaved dog that fetches the newspaper and wows your friends with his good manners. Your dream certainly didn't include a dog that chewed the remote, jumped on your guests and had potty training accidents in your house. But your dog or puppy does not know this; to him this is all just perfectly normal dog behavior.

Obedience training is the key to teaching your dog or puppy what your expectations are and introduces a way for you both to communicate. If you build a great foundation by starting your obedience training from the very beginning, it will be much easier to solve obedience problems when they pop up later.

There is no time like the present to get started. Arm yourself with some training necessities such as a dog collar, leash, safe chew toys, a crate (if you decide to crate train) and plenty of treats. Some dog owners like to enroll in an obedience training class to help them get started, but there are many sources such as books and web based training if you would like to do it all yourself.

Start out with some basics such as sit and stay. Train your dog or puppy in a quiet place with little distractions so that you can give each other your full attention. Keep the training sessions short and sweet and then repeat them frequently. Be sure to praise and reward your dog for good behavior. Rather than punish him for bad behavior, try to redirect his behavior to something more positive. Once he has mastered the skill in a quiet place you can practice somewhere were there is more distraction or outside. As your dog or puppy masters a few skills, you can gradually add in more difficult training.

While obedience training will take some time and effort on your part, it will help you to build a great foundation. If your dog's behavior changes it is much easier to quickly retrain him rather than having to start from scratch. The reward will be well worth your effort.

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