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Featured Dog Training Articles

If you learn nothing else, you should read about Dog Language, Building Relationships and Canine Learning Theory. Our dogs would sacrifice their lives for our safety. So they, at minimum, deserve an effort from us to understand their nature, clearly communicate expectations and be the best pack leaders we can be.

Think of it this way...would you respect a boss who couldn't communicate clearly, sent mixed messages and became overly emotional for no apparent reason? This is what we do when we let our dogs get on furniture...sometimes...when we laugh at their behavior one minute (jumping to greet your best friend, for instance) and yell at them the next (jumping to greet your pompous in-laws). When we speak to them as if they understand English, "I TOLD you NOT to eat this, did you not hear what I said?" or, "Why are you doing this? You KNOW you are not supposed to." and then wonder why in the world they would repeat their mistakes when we clearly explained the rules.

When we call them and they ignore us and we keep calling until they finally come...then we scold them and thump them on the nose...and then we wonder why they don't come to us the next time we call.

Dogs are simple and logical creatures without human emotions like jealousy, revenge and so forth. Once you understand how they think and learn by association, you are well on your way to applying that knowledge towards your dream dog. Dog Academy offers free dog training articles to help you get started.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution to your dog's behavior, Dog Academy can help! Enroll your dog as a student for as little as $29.95 and learn to teach obedience, respect, entertaining tricks and games for fun and exercise. Turn the dog you have into the dog you've always wanted!

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