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Dogs Stealing From Trash

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Trash Stealing
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How To Stop Your Dog From Stealing From The Trash

Stealing Food From The Trash

Stealing food and other items from the garbage is not only a messy problem, but also a dangerous one. The food that we don't - or won't - eat becomes the food our dog is eating. Not the best case scenario.

Why Do Dogs Steal From The Trash?

  • Get Food

Tips To Stop Dogs From Stealing From The Trash

  • Place the trash can in a difficult to reach location or buy a trash can with a lid that locks.
  • Set up a motion alarm or noise-maker near the trash can area. When your dog invades, he will hear a surprising, unpleasant sound that should scare him away.

In addition to setting the rules for your dog, check your dog's diet to ensure that he is getting the proper nutrients. Most times a dog goes through the garbage because he is seeking goodies inside, but some dogs will experience nutrition deficits and attempt to make up for that by eating leftovers.

Dogs That Steal From The Trash Are Also Likely To...


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