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Dogs Scratching

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How To Stop Your Dog From Scratching

Scratching Doors, Windows, Furniture

Scratching behaviors are caused in part by the person he is interacting with. Scratching at the door or at you is rewarded with attention or an action and thereby reinforced. When he scratches at the door and you open it, he learns that scratching the door is a good idea. When he scratches you and gets a response, he figures that he is on to something and should continue, perhaps with more intensity.

Why Do Dogs Scratch Doors and Windows?

  • Seeking Attention
  • Energy to Burn

Tips To Stop Dogs From Scratching

  • Ignore his behavior when he does it. By not acknowledging his action, you will no longer be reinforcing it, so it will gradually die out.
  • If your dog is scratching an internal door, you can use a booby trap to make scratching the door unpleasant. One solution is to arrange a set of empty cans. Using a hanger, you can tie the cans with string and hang it on the back of the door. This will create a noise when your dog attempts to reach through and scratch. Many dogs will find this noise unpleasant.

Fast-Fix Dog Supplies to Stop Dogs from Scratching your Doors

Dog Crates

You can put your dog in a crate or carrier when he cannot be supervised. For dogs that like to scratch, a wire or plastic crate is recommended over a soft-sided crate.


"Gotta Go" Doorbell

Hang this doggie doorbell on your doorknob and train your dog to use his nose to ring it. Instead of scratching the door, your dog will still enjoy a similar activity without damaging your property. This solution is recommended if your dog scratches to let you know he has to go potty or there is someone at the door. If he is just burning excess energy, this product is not recommended.

ScatMat Training Aid

The Scat Pet Mat is a valuable aid in training your pets to avoid areas you want to protect. Simply place the Scat Mat in a location you would like your pets to avoid. When he touches the ScatMat, he receives a mild static shock and will quickly learn to stay away from that area. If your dog or cat has a habit of rolling, scratching and shedding on your rug, ScatMat will encourage him to move elsewhere.

Dogs That Scratch Are Also Likely To...


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