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How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping

Jump For Joy!

With high energy and forepaws fluttering in the air, your dog is there to tell you how very, very excited he is that you are home. Rain or shine, he is delighted to see you, to greet you. But not everybody wants to be greeted so enthusiastically by the doggie doorman.

Why Do Dogs Jump?

  • Greeting
  • Playfulness
  • Dominance
  • Hunger

Tips to Stop Dogs From Jumping

Typically the problem starts early on, when a cute puppy is greeting people at the door or trying to reach up to a person's face when she's sitting or standing. Because he is cute (and because we all like puppies) we go ahead and lean down and pay attention to the youngster. Doing so teaches them that jumping on us gets attention. As they get bigger many of us tire of the jumping - particularly on those few days that we don't want mud on our clothes - but in their mind, it is still a logical strategy to get attention.

Here are a few tips to stop your dog from jumping:

  • Stop giving him attention when he jumps. Instead, fold your arms and turn away so that your back is to your dog. Do not talk to him or make eye contact. Once he settles down, you can pay attention to him, talk and pet him.
  • Keep your dog in a confined space while you are gone. This can be in a crate or in a room that is separated by a door or baby-gate. You will leave your dog in this space and let him out once you are home, settled, and ready to interact.
  • Place a leash on your dog whenever company is visiting. Use the leash to keep him on the floor by preventing him from jumping.
  • Establish a place for your dog to go to when greeting guests. Make him wait patiently there, instead of allowing him to storm the door.

If your dog is jumping to display dominance then the solutions must include obedience training to solve the underlying cause. Dominance jumping is a problem. This is called "height seeking" and is marked by the dog's attempt to dominate you through physical gestures, invasion of space, and, often, sustained eye contact.

It is important to know that dogs don't always break bad habits quickly or easily. Sometimes the problem actually gets worse before it gets better. Trainers refer to an increase in a behavior that precedes its disappearance as an "extinction burst." It goes away, but before that there is the bursting, or increase in the action. When you are dealing with a dog that has gotten attention by jumping, expect to see an increase in the intensity and duration of the jumping behavior the first few times that you turn away.

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