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Dog Gets On Furniture

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Gets on Furniture
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How To Stop Your Dog From Getting On The Furniture

You Either Have A Ghost Or Your Dog Enjoys That Lazy Boy Rocker!

Most dogs will try their luck at resting on the furniture. Sleeping everyday on the floor is unappealing. The sofa is warm and soft, a great place to cuddle up while Mom is off at work.

Why Do Dogs Get On Furniture?

  • Comfort
  • Look Out Window
  • Establish Dominance

Tips To Stop Dogs From Getting On Furniture

Because jumping on the furniture is naturally rewarding, the quick fix requires you to either deny access to the furniture or make jumping on the furniture not rewarding.

  • Prevent acces to furniture by crating your dog or putting a gate up between rooms
  • Place something uncomfortable on the furniture - static mat (plastic mat with pokey pieces) motion sensors that sound an alarm when your dog jumps on the furniture - both of which will not harm your dog but will discourage getting on furniture
  • Give your dog a bed of his own and train him to sleep there instead

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