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How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

Has Your Dog Destroyed Your Yard By Digging?

While it's fun for your dog, it is frustrating for you, seeing your yard turned into a muddy mess and your landscaping work ruined. It can make you feel hopeless when you look out the window and see him burrowing again, dirt flying in all directions.

And, of course, a dog that is digging is likely to have mud (and other items) on his paws, which can lead to stains and ruined items in the house. So why do they do it?

Dogs Dig For These Reasons

  • Boredom
  • Natural Instinct
  • Desire to Bury an Object
  • To Cool Off

Tips to Stop Digging

A dog left in the backyard with nothing to do and energy to spare is a good candidate to dig. What can be done?

  • Identify the areas where your dog digs and try hiding an unwanted surprise. This can help stop digging behaviors. Fill the hole with lava rocks and the dog's poop.
  • Bury chicken wire or another substance that will prevent digging more than a few inches beneath the surface. Make sure that the wiring is secure so that your dog cannot dig it up.
  • Prevent access to certain areas with an electric fence or small physical fence.
  • Make sure to leave an available water source for your dog when he is out on hot days. Do not leave him outside for long periods when the weather is too warm for him (remember that winter coat he's sporting).

To fully resolve the issue, the dog's planned activity level must be increased. Daily walks to utilize his energy and planned activities for his time in the yard (such as a game of Fetch) will help reduce his desire to dig.

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