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How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing

Controlling Puppy or Dog Chewing Behavior

Got a destructive little monster wondering around your house? Chewing is a natural activity for puppies and young dogs. As they grow older most dogs will grow out of this habit because it is a developmental phase more than a behavioral problem. Dogs will continue to chew on items, such as bones, throughout their lives, but problematic chewing is generally limited to puppies.

Why Do Dogs Chew?

  • Natural instinct
  • It's Fun!
  • Puppy Teething

Throughout a dog's life, he uses his mouth to interact with the world. Barking, eating, playing and more are done with the mouth. Chewing is a natural part of his development, reaching its peak during puppy-hood.

Tips to Stop Dogs From Chewing

Avoiding inappropriate chewing requires diligence and a small time investment. Managing the behavior is a two step process: puppy proof your house and provide your dog with appropriate items to chew on.

  • Survey your residence for items that you would like to remain safe. Shoes, remote controls, and stuffed animals should all be placed in a location where they cannot be reached.
  • Spray items that cannot be moved or put away with a bitter spray to discourage chewing.
  • Give him chew toys and reward him for chewing on the right items.
  • Avoid rawhides for young dogs because a) they expand when eaten and can create intestinal blockage if too much is eaten and b) they resemble leather, thereby reinforcing any tendency your dog has in that direction.

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