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How To Stop Your Dog From Bolting Out The Door

My Dog Will Bolt - Out The Door, Off The Leash

Dogs bolt when they see something enticing. It might be freedom to roam about the neighborhood or a running rabbit that catches their eye. The instinct to hunt and to roam is strong, so dogs will want the opportunity to go out and look around. Bolting is a serious and scary behavior issue. When your dog gets away from you he is subject to whatever he runs into. While most of these journeys end in reconciliation, too many times someone loses his dog.

Why Do Dogs Bolt?

  • Boredom
  • Loneliness
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Lack of Socialization

Each of these scenarios encourages your dog to escape the house in order to check out the world on his own. While increasing his exercise and social opportunities with other dogs, be mindful of your dog at all times when you are opening the doors that lead to outside. Do not let your dog be outside in an unfenced area unless he is leashed.

Tips To Stop Dogs From Bolting

To fully resolve the issue, you must establish a clear boundary lines.

  • The goal in working with this problem is to teach your dog to understand where the boundary line is. By establishing this, we will ensure safety.
  • Cover the basics of sit, stay, door sit, and door sit stay. The front door is a common escape route.
  • Walk your dog to the yard boundary. Work on sit-stays, making sure he is not allowed to cross the boundary.
  • Teach him to come to you when called, just in case he does get loose.
  • It is essential to work on the relationship with your dog. A bolting dog is one who feels that it is okay to go through the doorway first. A bolting dog is one who feels that it is okay to ignore the commands of the pack leader.

Work with your dog to teach him where the boundary is and to make sure he knows to follow your orders. Provide him with the exercise and social stimulation that he has been seeking on his own.

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