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 How it Works
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At Dog Academy you will learn to teach your dog basic and advanced obedience commands, entertaining tricks and games both you and your dog will enjoy. Beyond the basics that every pet parent needs, you will also learn to be a better leader and build a stronger bond with your dog. Better Leaders = Happier Dogs.

Dog Academy offers online dog training classes written by professional dog trainers. After enrolling, you will have immediate access to the positive methods and proven techniques that have worked for millions of dog owners worldwide. And unlike any other dog training service, we offer personalized programs including 10 Degree Programs, 100+ classes, hundreds of articles, customized training kits, a forum community with professional dog trainers and much more!

Enrollment & Training Programs
Just as you would enroll in a College or University, you can enroll your best friend in Dog Academy and select the right programs for you and your dog. Each Degree Program includes 10-15 classes. Every class includes step-by-step training instructions, illustrative photos and homework assignments. When your homework assignments are complete, your dog will be proficient in a new command and you can take the quiz to move to the next class. View your report card at any time to track progress and get help from professional dog trainers 24 x 7 in our online community!

What to Expect
Students of Dog Academy generally see results within 1-2 weeks when instructions are properly followed. Training requirements and exercise recommendations take 15-45 minutes a day depending upon your objectives. You can expect to spend 1-2 weeks on each class and attend 10-15 classes to complete your Degree Program. As with any dog training solution, you will get out of it what you put in.

More Information
For more information on Dog Academy's programs, please visit our Prospective Students page or Take a Tour.


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